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Candidacy Milestones and Timelines

Accreditation Handbook—Chapter XV: Overview of Application Review Processes; Chapter XVI: Procedures for Achievement and Maintenance of Candidacy Status; Chapter XIX: Site Visit Planning and Conduct

The CAA has designated specific reporting milestones and timelines below to assist in planning for new programs that are seeking candidacy status. Please note that time frames represent typical review milestones and are dependent on the program’s ability to demonstrate readiness to offer the graduate program. Therefore, some programs will take longer than others to advance through the CAA’s candidacy process. However, developing programs must be in contact with the Accreditation Office at least 2 years in advance of opening the proposed program.

Timeline Typical Activity for SLP & Audiology Programs
As soon as possible in planning phases and at least 2 years before planned graduate student enrollment. Contact the Accreditation Office at to schedule a required consultation.

Access Notice of Intent and Application for Candidacy forms (only available through Accreditation Office).
At least 24 months before planned graduate student enrollment. Program submits completed Notice of Intent form and provides supporting documentation, include rationale for the program. Access Application for Candidacy form (only available through Accreditation Office). Notice of Intent Fee required with submission for those being filed beginning January 1, 2022.
Within 30 calendar days of receipt of complete Notice of Intent from the program. CAA reviews the Notice of Intent materials and schedules the program to submit its Application for Candidacy.
At least 18 months before planned graduate student enrollment. Program submits signed application and eligibility statement
with application fee for readiness review by CAA.

Review comments and readiness recommendation1 from CAA. Program incorporates CAA recommendations into application and resubmits application for review within 5 months.
At least 12 months before planned graduate student enrollment. Official submission of application for candidacy to CAA.2

Review and comments by CAA.
Semester after official candidacy application submitted. Program submits possible site visit dates and identifies conflicts with possible candidacy site visitors.

Conduct of candidacy site visit.

Candidacy site visit report submitted by team.

Program submits response to the candidacy site visit report to CAA.
Next CAA decision-making meeting after candidacy site visit. Candidacy decision by CAA (term = 5 years). Programs notified within 30 days of decision.
First semester with students. Enroll students.
February or August—Determined by anniversary of decision. 1st annual report.
February or August—Determined by anniversary of decision. 2nd annual report.
February or August—Determined by anniversary of decision. 3rd annual report (SLP programs may alternatively submit the Application for Accreditation).
February or August—Determined by anniversary of decision. Application for Accreditation (at least 12 months before end of candidacy term).

1CAA may recommend an accelerated review as a result of the readiness review and proceed with a candidacy site visit. If deemed not ready, program may submit a second version of the candidacy application in consideration of CAA’s feedback within 5 months of notice without penalty.
2 If approved for accelerated review, programs would not need to resubmit application.

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