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Accreditation Handbook—Chapter XV: Overview of Application Review Processes

The CAA accreditation program is open to graduate education programs that offer (or are developing):

  • A master’s degree program in speech-language pathology
  • A clinical doctoral program in audiology

Submitting Accreditation Reports

For programs voluntarily seeking to becoming accredited by the CAA or designated as a candidate for accreditation (for new or developing programs), the CAA requires documentation of compliance with its Standards for Accreditation, via completion and submission of an application and annual reports. The accreditation peer review process is comprehensive—looking at a program from many angles and against standards that have been developed by the professions as indicators of quality in the discipline of communication sciences and disorders. As a result, detailed documentation is required.

Programs planning to file an Application for Candidacy or a Substantive Change Plan must use the appropriate form and submit according to the outlined procedures. For instructions, questions, or additional information please email the staff in the Accreditation Office at to discuss eligibility, the review process, timelines, and related fees. All CAA reviews and decisions are based on the program’s compliance with the CAA’s Standards for Accreditation.

Form Due Date Notice of Intent Required? Should a Fee Accompany? Staff Contact
Application for Accreditation February 1 or August 1 Yes (initial only) Yes—initial applications
No—continuing accreditation
Accreditation Office
Annual Report February 1 or August 1 No No Accreditation Office
Application for Candidacy January 1 or July 1 Yes Yes Tess Kirsch
Candidacy Annual Progress Report [DOC] February 1 or August 1 No No Tess Kirsch
Substantive Change Plans February 1 or August 1 Yes No Accreditation Office
Administrative Structure Change Notice [PDF] Within 30 days of change N/A No Accreditation Office
Program Director Change Notice [DOCX] Within 30 days of change N/A No Accreditation Office

Report Submission Time Lines

Accreditation reports, including (re)accreditation applications, annual reports, and substantive change plans, must be submitted online to the CAA in either February or August, based on the program’s accreditation anniversary date:

February 1 August 1
November May
December June
January July
February August
March September
April October

Recent Updates to the Accreditation Handbook

The CAA maintains a policy and procedures document to support the accreditation program and its activities. The contents of the Accreditation Handbook are dynamic, and as a result, policies and procedures are reviewed and updated as needed.

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About the CAA

The Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) accredits eligible clinical doctoral programs in audiology and master's degree programs in speech-language pathology. The CAA relies on a dedicated corps of volunteers serving as Council members and site visitors to accomplish the work of the accreditation program.

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