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CAA Member Elections

CAA-accredited programs elect the academic and practitioner members of the CAA. Each program, whether accredited in audiology or speech-language pathology, may cast one vote for each vacancy on the CAA, regardless of whether the position is in audiology or speech-language pathology. Candidacy programs are not eligible to vote.

Program directors are encouraged to include all faculty in the relevant profession in the discussion regarding the vote to be cast by the program. Programs are encouraged to review the roles and responsibilities of CAA members as outlined in Chapter V: Operation of the Council on Academic Accreditation in the Accreditation Handbook when considering the candidates for each position as well as the current CAA roster.

Election Schedule and Notification

The CAA will provide the program director for each accredited program in good-standing instructions and the link to the election site. Online voting is planned to commence Thursday, August 26, 2021, and will conclude Wednesday, September 15, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

All candidates will be notified as described in Chapter VI: Nominating Committee of the Accreditation Handbook. After the candidates have received a notification, the election results will be announced via appropriate publication vehicles.

Candidates for Election to the CAA

The CAA Nominating Committee develops the slates of candidates from among the submitted volunteer applications, for positions on the CAA beginning January 1, 2022. Accredited programs will select from among the candidates to fill the four vacancies.

Slate for Academic Members in Audiology (one vacancy)

(running unopposed)

Alyssa Needleman, PhD, CCC-A, FAAA

Clinical Director and Professor
College of Health Care Sciences, Department of Audiology
Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My career in audiology has been varied, providing service across multiple sectors.  The hallmark of these experiences is the education of students and professionals, as well as serving the needs of our profession.  I began my career in academia at the University of Vermont, teaching, precepting, and as LEND program faculty. I continued in academia at Howard University and University of Maryland. I also established a private practice, serving professionals needing audiological support.  This led to corporate work, managing education and training, implementation of EHDI, establishing policy, managing quality systems, and leading regulatory strategy. I next moved into hospital administration, providing leadership for Audiology, Psychology, and Cochlear Implant teams, as well as supervision for students and externs.

Since returning to academia at Nova Southeastern University, I bring these real-world experiences to the students and program.  My approach is to infuse my knowledge from leading teams in these various sectors to the classroom. As Chair of the Curriculum Committee, I ensure the academic integrity of departmental curriculum, ensuring responsiveness to changes in the profession, as well as monitoring student plans of study, acquisition of KASA markers, academic/clinical competencies, and clinical hours and experiences.  My work managing clinical placements requires extensive liaising with outside institutions, matching student and academic needs.

I have served as a CAA Site Visitor since 2019, and have participated in CAA, ACAE, and SACS reaccreditation.  The culmination of my roles has afforded me wide perspective in academic and clinical education within a variety of educational delivery models.

Slate for Academic Members in Speech-Language Pathology (one vacancy)

Shatonda S. Jones, PhD, CCC-L/SLP, CBIST

Associate Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rockhurst University
Kansas City, Missouri

I am a tenured Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO. I have 15 years’ experience as a speech language pathologist and 12 years’ experience in higher education. I am a CAA Site Visitor and have served on the ASHA Continuing Board of Education (CEB) as well as chaired the only subcommittee of that board, Regulations and Monitoring (R&M). My work on CEB and R&M involved understanding policy, standards, and helping to create, review, and assess those policies and standards. I am also the incoming Faculty Senate Chair for the university which involves day to day interactions with faculty, staff, and administrators as well as strategic planning, policy and standards review and implementation, being active in university accreditation activities, and assisting with university planning and budget. In my department, I serve as assistant to the chair, the undergraduate program coordinator, chair of the undergraduate curriculum committee, and am a member of the strategic planning committee. I have experience with policy creation, implementation, assessment, and re-tooling of policy through each of these roles. As a site visitor I am very familiar with accreditation and standards and have myself participated (helping to prepare as well as engaging in) as a faculty member and clinician in HLC, JACHO, and CARF accreditation visits. I instruct and clinically supervise in the graduate, post bachelors, and undergraduate programs as well as maintain an active research and scholarship agenda. I am a graduate of the CAPCSD Leadership Academy (March 2021).

Alan Smith, EdD, CCC-SLP

Program Director and Associate Professor
Department of Otolaryngology-Head/Neck Surgery-and Communicative Disorders
Division of Communicative Disorders; Section of Speech-Language Pathology
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for reviewing this statement of expertise as a component of the vetting process to identify the next members of the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA). I wish to serve as an academic (speech- language pathology) member. My philosophy within higher education centers on commitments that comprise teaching excellence, scholarly pursuits, and service. To that end, I am an associate professor and serve as the director for the graduate program in CSD at the University of Louisville (UofL); a position I have held since 2014. I have been a faculty member since 2008. I balance my time between administration, teaching, advising, and elected clinical responsibilities. I routinely serve as lead instructor for 1-2 graduate courses each semester. I have also successfully mentored student thesis research and provided committee membership to others. Clinically, I am a consultant with the Department for Disability Determination Services; an arm of the Social Security Administration. I successfully led the program through the re-accreditation process in April 2015 and have completed timely annual reports since. I currently serve as a site-visitor for the CAA. I am passionate about the accreditation process and deeply respect the principles and standards on which accreditation is based. I am a logical and organized individual and strongly feel that my set of skills and abilities will serve the CAA well.

Slate for Practitioner Members in Audiology (one vacancy)

(running unopposed)

Heidi Slager, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA

University of Michigan Hearing Rehabilitation Center
Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have worked as a member of the University of Michigan Cochlear Implant Team for over 10 years, providing pre- and post-operative care to infant through adult cochlear implant and bone conduction implant candidates and recipients. During this time, I have also coordinated our program's Sound Support outreach grant, served as study coordinator for numerous clinical studies related to cochlear implants, and provided clinical supervision to Audiology graduate students and externs. I am also a past member of the Michigan Audiology Coalition Executive Board. Currently, I serve on the University of Michigan Division of Audiology's Audiology Specialty Council, where I collaborate with other clinical leaders to optimize and align clinical procedures across the Division of Audiology. I believe that my experience in clinical service provision, clinical research, and community outreach will add a unique perspective to the Academic Accreditation team. Thank you for considering me for this important opportunity to support the future of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

Slate for Practitioner Members in Speech-Language Pathology (one vacancy)

Valerie Brosius, MA, CCC-SLP

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, Community Physical Therapy
Instructor, Northern Illinois University
Moline, Illinois

I am an experienced site visitor for accredited/candidacy programs, having served long-term in this capacity. As a member of the site visitor team, I have created a bank of questions and forms for data collection during interviews and file review. I have experience writing, revising, and editing the report. I have delivered portions of the exit report and conducted interviews in Spanish as well as document review of faculty minutes conducted in Spanish.

I have aligned the Illinois Educator Learning Standards to ISHA's annual convention offerings across all targeted categories to have ISHA recognized as an ISBE certified cpu provider for teaching SLPs in the schools to maintain their PEL. I also have experience aligning the IL Educator Learning Standards for professional development offerings for SD U-46 and have extensive experience delivering professional development. I have created bilingual special education and MTSS programs across the continuum of ability and eligibility category and served as a resource to a special education coop as to bilingual services for deaf/hearing impaired ELs, creating effective programming to close the literacy gap.

At the graduate level, I am revising the bilingual special education course to address ISBE's findings as to the over identification of ELs under the eligibility of SLI and SLD. This course and subsequent PD at the state level is meant to rectify this.

Ashley Muñoz López, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Senior Speech Language Pathologist
Houston Methodist
Houston, Texas

What makes me a unique candidate for the CAA is my diverse background as well as my current academic efforts in pursuing an MBA. My clinical background paired with my business savvy have allowed me to look at situations encountered in the field with a critical and analytical mindset. Additionally, my current line of work in long term acute care deserves recognition within the rehabilitation pathway and I am dedicated to improving recruiting efforts for this service line as well as all aspects of the field.

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